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Our aim is to release our genome sequences rapidly, freely and openly to researchers anywhere in the world. To make this possible, we have built the data portals below. These allow anyone interested in our genomes to access the data, genome annotations and ‘Genome Note’ publications, and to track the progress of species currently being sequenced.

Darwin Tree of Life Data Portal

This is the main project portal, containing available data for all specimens currently in our genome production pipelines and the ability to track the status of each species.

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Tree of Life Gateway – Wellcome Open Research

This is where we publish our Genome Notes, free and open to use by researchers around the world. These short scientific papers allow us to rapidly release information — on a species by species basis — about our assemblies and the techniques and methods used to generate them.

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Ensembl Genome Annotation

Ensembl annotate the protein-coding and non-coding RNA gene structures using a re-engineered version of their Gene Annotation System. After QC, genomes and annotations are made available via Ensembl’s FTP site (link below) before subsequently being made available in the Ensembl Genome Browser.

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Tree of Life QC

This is an actively updated list of species for which sequencing is currently underway. It includes primary sequencing statistics and is managed by the Tree of Life Assembly team at the Sanger Institute.

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Genomes on a Tree (GoaT)

GoaT allows users to search all taxa across the eukaryotic tree of life, and presents genomic metadata including genome sizes, C values and chromosome numbers. The link to the Darwin Tree of Life project on GoaT can be found below.

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