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There are currently no live vacancies in the Darwin Tree of Life projects, but please check back soon!

Other vacancies in research groups allied to the project are listed below

Janet Thornton Fellowship Wellcome Sanger Institute
3 year fellowship, can be full-time, part-time or flexible.
Closing date: 10th July 2020
This is a competitive fellowship offered annually by the Wellcome Sanger Institute, which allows a return to research for individuals who have taken a career break of 12 months or more. Possible projects being offered this year include two from Faculty in the Darwin Tree of Life Project:

  • Mara Lawniczak- Arthropod Genomics. At the Sanger Institute, we are leading the Darwin Tree of Life project, which is a decade long ambitious consortial project aiming to build high quality reference genomes for all eukaryotic species found in the British Isles. Alongside this, we are also carrying out population and evolutionary genomics research projects on natural populations of insects both in the UK and abroad. Our primary research aims are to use genomics to define and understand species interactions in ecosystems and to investigate cryptic speciation in various species complexes of insects using high quality long read and long range sequencing data. We are looking for a candidate with a strong ecological genomics background to join the lab and the Tree of Life and/or Parasites and Microbes Programmes as a Janet Thornton research fellow and develop projects in this general area making maximal use of the Darwin Tree of Life reference genomes for arthropods and leading investigations into particular groups of insects that fit within the general remit of using genomics to study speciation and species interactions. If you are interested in this opportunity, have experience in the general area of evolutionary genomics, and have had a career break for at least 12 months, please get in direct touch.
  • Mark Blaxter- Tree of Life Genomics. Mark’s team is embedded in the Tree of Life programme at Sanger. The Tree of Life programme has an overarching goal of using very high quality reference genome sequences across the diversity of life to understand pattern and process in evolution, to aid conservation of biodiversity and to provide the raw data for emerging biotechnologies. Within my team we are using the reference genomes emerging from the Darwin Tree of Life project (a decadal project to generate genome sequences for all eukaryotic species in Britain and Ireland), the Aquatic Symbiosis Genomics project (which focuses on the varied symbioses that drive marine and freshwater ecosystems) and our own specific interests (for example in nematodes and lepidopterans). These data drive new approaches to inferring the phylogenetic trees of life, defining the evolution of genome structure and content, and identifying the drivers of evolutionary change in symbiotic systems (from parasitism to mutualism). We are looking for a candidate with a strong evolutionary genomics background to join us and the Tree of Life Programme as a Janet Thornton research fellow. The Janet Thornton fellow will lead and develop a project that illuminates specific branches of the tree of life, explores particular major evolutionary transitions and investigates the importance of particular genomic processes in Eukaryota. Winning approaches will leverage the emerging Darwin and Aquatic Symbiosis genomes, commission sequencing of new taxa, and will use innovative approaches in analysis and interpretation. If you are interested in this opportunity, have experience in the general area of evolutionary genomics, and have had a career break for at least 12 months, please get in direct touch.

Computational Staff/Senior Staff Scientist– Wellcome Sanger Institute (Lawniczak Lab)
Full-time, permanent. £37,398- £53,851 per annum
Closing date: 27th July 2020

Advanced Research Assistants (3 roles)- Wellcome Sanger Institute
Full-time, fixed-term (3 years). £27,445-£32,877 per annum
Ongoing vacancy- applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis