Q. We intend to or already started sequencing species X, but now found out it is on
the DToL list. What happens next?

  • A. Just because it is on the DToL list does not mean a reference will appear soon. We
    suggest that you contact DToL Project Management via
    to discuss the status and the best way forward. If you are on track to complete an
    assembly that will meet the EBP quality metrics and be openly released soon, and
    DToL has not yet collected data, then we may put our project on pause. If we have
    already collected data and are on track to release our assembly soon you may
    decide to put your project on pause (your choice). If it is not clear when DToL will be
    able to complete a genome sequence you may decide to continue sequencing
    yourself in order to be confident of an assembly becoming available on a timeframe
    under your control.