Enabling Funds: Frequently Asked Questions

Community Fund

Do I already need to have a community partner on-board?

You do not need to have a community partner to begin talking with us. We can help you to identify and contact an appropriate partner. However, you will need to have a community partner involved before submitting a written application, as they will help you to shape any engagement you are planning.

How do we define ‘community partner’?

Community partners come in many shapes and sizes. They may be government bodies such as councils or school authorities; they may be charities who have relationships or experience working with certain groups; they may be community leaders or representatives who have knowledge and access to relevant networks. Their role in your engagement project is to work with you to ensure that any activity is appropriate for the community you are engaging with, and to help you to build strong two-way relationships within those communities. These partners do not need to be formally recognized – the application reviewers will be looking for the knowledge and networks they will be bringing to your project.

Connections Fund

Do I already need to have two consortium partners on-board?

If you have a public engagement project that you think would be suitable for this fund, but don’t already have a second partner please make contact with Jack. He can help match-up partners to suitable projects.

Can the project include non-consortium partners?

Yes it can. As long as there are a minimum of two consortium partners involved then additional partners are welcome.

If you have additional questions please email the DToL Public Engagement Coordinator Jack Monaghan (jm58@sanger.ac.uk).