Web developer @ Darwin Tree of Life

Budget: £2-3k (incl. VAT and all expenses) with potential to extend to £10k.

Duration: Deliverable A by 4th July 2022; Deliverable B by 8th Jan 2023

The Darwin Tree of Life project is seeking to contract an external freelancer or web development team to build a new website for our public engagement content. This site should mirror the design of our core science site, and act both as a repository for our public engagement resources, and a space for sustaining an online community of practice.

Initial Deliverable: We are exhibiting at the Royal Society at the start of July so would like a version of the website to be ready then to hold resources from the festival and act as a public facing hub for visitors. This version of the site would be a single page with public/family-friendly design to hold an introductory video and a sequence of drop down sections full of details about our project. The more fun and interactive the design the better, within the time constraints. If a simple interactive ‘game’ to replicate our in-person activity were possible within the time then this would be a bonus.

Extended Deliverable: On a longer timescale the website will form a hub for further engagement with our resources and the building of an online community of engagers around Britain and Ireland. As a minimum it will hold downloadable public engagement resources from our 8 major public engagement projects, mirroring the design of the science website where appropriate with a focus on inclusivity. There should be a private ‘member’ space where our public engagement leads can add more content in the future. There will be a homepage, and individual sections for our key visitors (teachers/public engagers, adult nature enthusiasts, school pupils). The webpage should also have space for an updatable interactive map that will allow our engagement teams to easily log where engagement events have taken place, and where visitors can find and read about previous events near them and around the country. There should be an easily updatable section displaying engagement stories and pictures from our events around the country. This deliverable will include the creation of templates for easy and consistent updates to the site in future. Other ideas for maximising the potential of this page as a supportive and collaborative online space are welcome.

About us

The Darwin Tree of Life project aims to sequence the genomes of all 70,000 species of eukaryotic organisms in Britain and Ireland. It is a collaboration between biodiversity, genomics and analysis partners that hopes to transform the way we do biology, conservation and biotechnology. For more information see our website homepage.

If you are interested please email Jack Monaghan () with Web Developer Application in the subject line. Deadline for applications is 27th May 2022.