Want to write a Genome Note introduction?

Are you an expert in Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera or Diptera? Perhaps you are more ornithologist that entomologist, or maybe it’s molluscs that tickle your fancy. Whichever British and Irish taxa interests you in the tree of life, we’re sequencing them for the Darwin Tree of Life project.

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Every time we sequence a species, we release a Genome Note – a brief scientific article that describes the genome sequence – to announce the availability of the genome and credit those involved in its generation. To make these Genome Notes more interesting and to give valuable context to the sequence produced, each Note has an introduction section that contains a brief, informative description of the sequenced species.

This is where you come in. We are assembling a group of passionate professional and amateur scientists to harness their expertise and write these introductions. Introductions should be:

  • ~200 words in length,
  • referenced,
  • where possible, contain information on the habitat, distribution and abundance of the species,
  • as well as possible uses for the completed genome assembly.

If you’re interested in writing an introduction to a Genome Note, please fill in this brief form to see which species we have available. If there’s nothing here that takes your interest, check back in a month or two – new genomes are being sequenced all the time!

Please note that by selecting a species you are registering your interest and we cannot guarantee that you’ll be chosen to write the introduction, as popular species may receive multiple selections and priority will be given to the collector of the species. As such, please don’t start writing until we have confirmed that you will write the introduction.

Interested in writing a Genome Note introduction?

Explore available species